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Laptop Butchershop

August 19th, 2017 9:00am - 12:00pm
Sat. 8/19, 9 am - 12 pm
MORE F@F FAVORITES RETURN--Order details below:
Roman Miller Chickens
Christina Neumann of Apoidea Apiary
Rose Ridge Beef: see Ground Beef Special & 
New Combo Pack Offerings--these are good deals!
Blackberry Meadows Pork
Bar Marco Parking Lot
2216 Penn Ave, Strip District
SFP's Laptop Butchershop celebrates thirteen years of connecting Pittsburgh with organic and/or carefully-raised local meats and poultry. Animals are pastured, meaning they are raised outdoors on grass, the way nature intended. Some animals are fed grains, also carefully raised. The meat is exceptionally delicious and heart-healthy, rich in correctly balanced CLA's/nutrients. These products contain no additives, no antibiotics and no hormones. Many vendors allow you to pick the cuts and quantity you want--just like a real butchershop. Please understand: our producers work on a very small scale--this is why we love them! But, they must sell the whole animal, not just steaks, loins and chops so try roasts and ground meat.
WHAT: Place your e-mail pre-order now thru Thurs, 8/17
PICK-UPSat., 8/199 am - noon
WHERE: Bar Marco Parking Lot, 2216 Penn Ave, Strip District
  Email items/quantities, name & phone by Thursday, 8/17.
  Wait for CONFIRMATION email - this is your way to know the vendor received your order. If you don't receive an email within 1-2 days, please call them.
  Pay (cash/check) when you pick up.
Apoidea Apiary - Christina Neumann, Millvale, PA
Christina is both beekeeper and creator of beautiful infused honeys.
Her Rosemary-Infused Dark Knotweed Honey won a 2015 Good Food Award. These honeys are harvested at her own urban beehives all located within a 6 mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh.  
Apoidea Apiary's honey is now officially Certified Naturally Grown
ORDER CUTOFF: Thursday, 8/17.
Slow Food Laptop Exclusive:
1/2 pound Raw Spring Basswood Cut Comb Honey  $14.00
Excellent for cheese plates. Very limited quantities available.
Slow Food Laptop Special: 3 bottles (4oz.) for $22
Individual 4 oz bottles: $8
Organic Herbal Honey infusion flavors:
 - Knotweed Rosemary: Dark fall Allegheny honey infused with organic rosemary. 2015 Good Food Award Winner
- Vanilla Bean + Lavender: Light spring Monongahela honey infused with organic lavender and vanilla bean
 - Reaper Fire: Light spring Monongahela honey infused with locally-grown extremely hot Carolina Reaper peppers. Excellent for cheese pairings.
- Candy Apple: Crafted as a drizzle for fresh apples inspired by the coating on a candy apple. Light spring Monogahela honey infused with organic cinnamon, vanilla bean and a hint of chili pepper.
To Order: email items/quantities tochristina.joy.neumann@gmail.com. Call 520-370-5585 with questions or if you don't receive email confirmation within 1-2 days.
Miller Farm Chickens -  Roman Miller, Armstrong County, PA
F@F Shoppers will remember Roman and his beautiful pasture-raised chickens. SFP friend Ron Billingsley has offered to take Roman's orders and to pick up and bring the chickens to Market Day. We owe Ron a HUGE thanks!  
ORDER CUTOFF: Thursday, 8/17.
Whole chicken = $3.50/lb.
Whole cut-up chicken - $3.75/lb.
Leg quarters - $4.00/lb.
Wings - $3.75/lb.
Breast - $9.00/lb
Stock meat - $2.50/lb.
Orders can be placed at ronb66@verizon.net  Cutoff is 6:00 P.M.Thursday, August 17, 2017
Rose Ridge Farm - Deanna and David McMaken, Waynesburg, OH
Check out Rose Ridge's melt-in-the-mouth certified organically-raised beef. Beef is grass-fed plus small amounts of organic grain raised on farm. All beef is frozen.
ORDER CUTOFF: Thursday, 8/17.
1 Person Combo: $20
1 Rib-Eye Steak, 1 lb Ground, 1 lb Stew Meat
2 Person Combo: $40
2 T-Bone Steaks, 1 lb Ground, 1 Chuck Roast
Family Combo: $100
4 T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks, 3 Ground, 2 Roasts (Chuck & Round)
Suburban Combo: $300
7 Grilling Steaks, 1 lb Minute Steak, 2 lb Stew Meat, 3 Roasts (2 Chuck, 1 Round), 5 lbs Short Ribs $ Bones, 20 lbs Ground
GROUND - 1 lb pkg avg
100% Grass-fed Ground Beef - $7/lb
"Well-fed" Ground Beef - $7/lb
Ground Beef Patties - $7.50/lb, 4 quarter-lb patties
Ground Beef Patties - $10/lb, 4 third-lb patties
Ground Round - $7.50 lb.
Ground Beef Special - 10 pds @ $6/pd: order either 100% grass-fed or "well-fed" but appreciate if you will accept substitute if we run out of either.
T-Bone Steak - $17 lb. (1lb. avg.)
Porterhouse Steak - $17 lb. (1.2 lb.  avg.)
Rib-Eye Steak = $18 lb. (.6 lb. avg.)
Filet Tenderloin Steak - $21 lb. (.35 lb. avg.)
Chuck Roast - $6.50 lb. (2.5-3 lb.avg)
Boneless Chuck Roast - $7.00 lb. (2 lb. avg)
Round/Rump Roast - $7.50 lb. (2.5 lb. avg)
Eye of Round Roast  - $8.00 lb. (1.5-2 lb. avg)
Stew Meat - $7.25 lb.
Thick Cut Top Sirloin - $10.00 lb. (2 lb, avg)
Kabob Meat (from Top Sirloin) - $10.00 lb.
London Broil - $7.75 lb. (1.5 lb. avg.)
Short Ribs - $4.00 lb. (1.5-2 lb. avg)
Shank Cross Cut - $3.75 lb.
Beef Bones - $2.75 lb.
Cheek Meat - $6.25 lb.
Liver - $2.50 lb.
To Order: email items/quantities to roseridgefarmoh@gmail.com. Call (330)904-5365 with questions or if you don't receive email confirmation within 1-2 days.
Blackberry Meadows Farm - Jen Montgomery and Greg Boulos, Natrona Heights, PA
Jen & Greg are known for their certified organic produce and now, lucky for us, their pork. Their pigs are Duroc/Yorkshire/Large Black/Hereford crosses raised non-GMO feed and pasture. All pork is frozen.
ORDER CUTOFF: Thursday, 8/17.
Bone-in Chops - $9/lb
Boneless Chops - $9/lb
Belly Bacon - $10/lb
Jowl Bacon - $10/lb
Shoulder Steak - $8/lb
Ham Steak - $8/lb
Ground - $7/lb
Tenderloin Roast - $9.75/.75 lb
Fresh Hocks/Shanks - $5/lb
Smoked Hocks/Shanks - $5/lb
Shoulder Roast - $24/3 lb roast
Ham Roast - $32/4 lb roast
Spare Ribs - $6/lb
Baby Back Ribs - $6/lb
Meaty Fat (ground backfat w/15% meat) - $8/2 lb pkg
Leaf Lard - $15/3 lb pkg
Pork Heart - $4.50/.75 lb
Email name, phone, items/quantities to jen@blackberrymeadows.com
Call 724-226-3939 with questions or if you don't receive email confirmation within 1-2 days
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