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Don't Be Shy About Pie

November 12th, 2017 2:00pm - 5:00pm


Sunday, Nov. 12, 2-5 pm  E

ast End Food Co-op 7516 Meade Street, Point Breeze, 15208

SFP/Co-op Members: $10 Non-Members: $15


Learn and taste  with pie-maker extraordinaire Jackie Cleary,  of Auburn Meadows Farm.  Farmer/writer/cook/photographer,  Jackie knows a lot about encasing  thrifty bits of this and that in a tender piecrust.    She'll teach one foolproof crust for both her pies:  Mini Pork Pies, empanada style and  Pumpkin/Apple Hobo Pie:  "With its brown sugar and bourbon,  this filling is a unique standout," she says,  "but I'd still consider it a classic.  The unexpected addition of pumpkin slices  adds richness and beauty, but the flavor of  the spiced apples plays the starring role."   

Slow Food will present two mincemeat* pies:

The Real Deal, using beef, apples, green tomatoes and raisins. 

Mini Mince Tartlets, a vegetarian take with the  very English Crosse & Blackwell Mincemeat Pie Filling  jazzed with chopped green apples,  dusted with powdered sugar, for a festive holiday indeed.  

*Mincemeat harks back to medieval England,  where meat pies were stretched to feed more mouths  with the inclusion of raisins and currants.  By the 1800's, meat was no longer an ingredient,  and the spicy, minced fruit filling  was used in pies and other desserts.

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