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Choco U: Kallari Chocolate Lecture and Tasting

September 12th, 2012 6:00pm - 8:00pm

WHAT: Kallari Chocolate Lecture and Tasting

WHEN: Wed, Sept. 12

WHERE: Bar Marco Upstairs

COST: SFP Member-$35; non-member-$40


Kallari organic Ecuadorian chocolate is grown and harvested by a cooperative of indigenous Kichwa farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon. All profits from sales of the award-winning, single-source Kallari organic chocolate return to the cooperative to support sustainable development, health, and education programs while helping to preserve one of Earth's most important climate-protective rain forest ecosystems.


Kallari has been honored by the Slow Food Foundation with inclusion in the Presidium project which recognizes traditionally crafted foods that promote biodiversityand was a participant in Slow Food USA 2008.


Our lecture and educational tasting, led by Kallari's US Manager Judy Logback, will last about 2 hours, ending with an Ecuadorian-style cocktail and appetizers and a final chocolate. Plan to stay for dinner and beverages on your own downstairs.


Thanks to Slow Food Pittsburgh co-leader Amy Rosenfield of Mon Aimee Chocolat for arranging for this event.

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