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Teach a Community to Cook- Learn to Wok! With Marlene Parrish

June 22nd, 2013 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Slow Food Pittsburgh (www.slowfoodpgh.com) and Marty’s Market present:

Teach a Community to Cook:

 Learn to Wok! With Marlene Parrish


Before you learn the backstroke, you get your feet wet and splash in water. Before you ski, you play in the snow. Before you can complete a whole recipe, you have to be comfortable with using individual skills or modules. They include stir, whisk, pour, dip, bang, whack, smear, add, taste, sprinkle, empty, combine and mash. Every recipe in existence is just a series and combination of these and other elementary modules. It could be one long time before any kid completes a recipe. But when he or she chooses to do so, he'll know what the words mean and know what to do. Add to that a natural curiosity about how things work and a desire to please, and you have the makings of a cook.

Teaching kids to cook is a hot-button issue these days. Lots of parents want to get their kids started but are not sure how to begin, what to do, or how and when to do it. It’s not rocket science. Making food can be fun, easy and has a big pay-off: 1) something good to eat and 2) independence.  

Bring your kid to Marty’s Market on Saturday, June 22, 2012 -12:30 – 2:00 PM (www.martysmarket/events)


Post-Gazette Food Writer Marlene Parrish is the coach - the kids are the cooks. Together, they’ll talk and learn about knife skills, how to stir-fry, how to season. Our lunch menu is Stir-fried Veggies in Pita Pockets topped with Yogurt-cucumber Sauce, and Dessert is Bananas Foster


Sign up early as 6 spaces at the cooking counter where you can learn to chop, cook, etc.  All others-stand, watch and learn…

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