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Local Cheese with The Big Cheese!

June 15th, 2014 11:30am - 2:00pm
Take The Big Cheese to Brunch
11:30 to 2 pm
Celebrate Local Cheese with Seasonal Menu and Drinks
Chefs, cheesemongers, cocktails and craft beer
Indoors and out at Choderwood on the Allegheny River

WHAT: Celebrate with The Big Cheese--On His Day

This is a hearty Father's Day Brunch to totally spoil Dad and the friends he rode in with. The focus: an introduction to some Western Pa. artisan-made cheeses you will enjoy knowing better-- and a few cheesemonger's picks from elsewhere--woven into a menu of seasonal food and delicious drinks.

WHEN:Sunday, June 15, 11:30 am to 2 pm

WHERE: Choderwood, the historic lockmaster's house and grounds, near Highland Park on the Allegheny River.

FEE: $32, members, $38, nonmembers, $10 kids under 12. All-inclusive, brunch and beverages.

What a lineup!

Salt of the Earth Exec Chef Chad Townsend; Crested Duck's Chef Kevin Costa; Burgh's Best Barkeep Maggie Meskey; Matt Gouwens, owner, Hop Farm Brewing Company; Cheesemonger Caldwell Linker, East End Co-Op; Cheesemonger David Lagnese, Wedge and Wheel at Pittsburgh Public Market and cheese stand at East Liberty Year-Round Market.

What to expect:

--See Dad sparkle with a Fatherly Cocktail by Ms. Meskey of Butcher and the Rye.

--Boys Love Beer: Hop Farm owner Matt Gouens pours two of his craft beers. Ask him about the local hops.

--Teachable Moments: Homemade butter and ricotta: Chef Chad Townsend will demo and serve his butter, Frenchie-style, with crunchable Garfield radishes. Homemade ricotta will be demo'd by Chef Kevin Costa. Taste this fresh heaven in an inspired appetizer devised by Kevin.

--Mac and Cheese, Green Salad by the Thin Man Sandwich Shop (Dan and Sherri Leiphart);

--Manly Macho Italian Veggie Tarts by Enrico Biscotti Company.

--Taste and learn: Cheese, cheese cheese, all about local farmstead cheeses with Caldwell Linker and Dave Lagnese, who make it their business to get out there and find the best.

We can't wait to show you Choderwood and Western Pennsylvania cheese.

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