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Brooklyn Brewery Mash Returns to Pittsburgh: June 21 - 28

June 21st, 2014
Brooklyn Brewery Mash Returns to Pittsburgh: June 21 - 28 

Collaborating with friends old and new, the Brewery has bundled up some of its favorite events into The Brooklyn Brewery Mash in partnerhip with Slow Food USA. The Mash will drop into 12 cities during 2014, including Pittsburgh from June 21--28, and roll out a roster of parties, comedy, concerts, pop-up dinners and readings, all featuring humanity's favorite beverage. 

Slow Food Pittsburgh is proud to be a partner in this 12-city national tour. You'll find exciting events all over our town. For Pittsburgh's adventures in food, film, music, comedy, books and beer 
The Brooklyn Brewery Mash: Pittsburgh. And, proceeds from many of these events go to benefit Slow Food Pittsburgh.
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