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Sous Chefs Cook for a Cause: "Better Cheese for Pittsburgh"

March 24th, 2013 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Sous Chefs Cook for a Cause:  

2nd Annual "Better Cheese for Pittsburgh"


The city's most talented sous chefs  
take over Legume's kitchen on their day off 
to prepare Sunday dinner.

Their cause
Slow Food Pittsbur
gh's annual scholarship awards to  local cheesemakers  to help them take their art to a new level. Last year's winners were Sam Byler and Lori Sollenberger. Sam, known for his goat cheese, used his award to learn to make sheep cheese--you will taste it at the dinner. Lori is lining up a study trip to France to perfect her alpine-style cheeses.
Cocktails/cheese tasting.
Dinner is sold out-- but please join us at the
lavish cocktail party. Drinks by the city's top craft bartenders, appetizers by top chef talent, guided cheese-tasting with the cheese makers themselves.

Taste the new sheep/goat halloumi
newly  released by last year's scholarship winner, Riverview Dairy's Sam Byler. Purchase superb local cheeses to take home. Meet cheese makers including Clover Creek, God's Country, Hidden Hills, The Ark Farm.  

Menu highlights:
Appetizers include custard in eggshell, *marquesitas--thin griddled Latin roll-ups with cheese inside, the gamut of cheeses, special patés, sweet and sour accents and more. Drinks will be memorable punches, a sherry, a martini and beer. 

This Sunday, March 24, 5-7 pm. 

Legume Bistro/Butterjoint

$40 per person, includes drinks, aps, guided tour, tax and tip, plus tax-deductible portion to benefit the Cheesemaker Scholarship Fund.

Behind the bar:

Will Groves, bar manager, Butterjoint; Maggie Meskey, bartender, Salt of the Earth; Bobby Fry, partner, Bar Marco 

Making your hors d'oeuvres: 

Jamilka Borges; Bar Marco partner Justin Steel; Salt of the Earth's  Chad Townsend

Your hosts

Legume owners Trevett and Sarah Hooper 
Servers from Legume and participating restaurants will be volunteers as well.

Both options include a tax-deductible portion to benefit the Cheesemaker Scholarship Fund. (Tax & tip also included.)

Sunday, March 24
Legume Bistro/Butterjoint

These future top chefs will cook at Jamilka Borges's invitation:
--Bob Browsky - Notion

--Tim Eelman - Kaya

--Dustin Gardner - Casbah

--Nate Hobart - Cure

--Andrew Hill - Stagioni

--Brian Little - Salt of the Earth 

--Bob Stockard - Dinette

--Brian Wiltrout - Legume

Selecting your wines:
Caroline Matys, Sommelier, Legume 

Register Now - $40 Cocktails/Cheese Tasting Only Option


We look forward to seeing you at dinner.
Virginia Phillips
Slow Food Pittsburgh
To enter the Competition:
Applicants should submit statements of purpose, 500 to 700 words in length: "Better Cheese for Pittsburgh: Train Me and I Can Help." Essays should be emailed by April 10 to Susan Barclay, stbarclay13@verizon.net with the subject line, "Cheese for Pittsburgh."
Contestants must live and work in this region and be professionally engaged in one or more of the following activities:
--making traditional cheese, farmstead scale operations favored;
--sourcing and caring for quality artisan cheese, farmstead- scale operations favored, for resale or for restaurant service.
The winner may opt to:
--train with a distinguished cheesemaker or cheesemaking teacher;
--attend the American Cheese Society conference (this August in Madison WI) offering training and exposure to people recognized by their peers as the best in the profession;
--train on-site with a distinguished cheesemonger or affineur;
--stage at a restaurant offering a distinguished cheese program.


Invited to judge will be the distinguished Pittsburgh chefs, cheesemongers, and representatives from Slow Food Pittsburgh and PASA.

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