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Teach a Community To Cook Class @ Whole Foods Enright Garden

June 14th, 2014 10:30am - 12:00pm
Slow Food Pittsburgh's
Teach a Community To Cook Class
this Saturday June 14
Teaching:  Rosemarie Perla and Jamie Moore, Eat'n'Park Hospitality.
Ever wonder what to do with the greens erupting in the garden now--
the ones you are told to eat more of?
Come to the Whole Foods Garden--located three 
blocks from Whole Foods--and learn to identify greens to cook with learn to make a delicious " greens and beans" dish and also a salad with hot bacon dressing.
Time: 10:30 TO NOON.
Where: WHOLE FOODS Enright Garden. The garden is on Topaz Street between South St. Clair and Stamar Way, about 3 blocks from Whole Foods.
What: We will show adults and children how to cook fresh greens and other vegetables, how to grow them easily in your garden-- and then we'll share a meal together. Children and adults will leave with full tummies, with recipes and knowing how to find inexpensive ingredients for this dish.

**YOU MUST RESERVE: Call Kim W. at 412 441 7960. Children and adults welcome! 

MORE Teach a Community to Cook:

Teaching kids to cook is a hot-button issue these days.

Lots of parents want to get their kids started but are not sure how

to begin, what to do, or how and when to do it.

It's not rocket science. Making food can be fun, easy and has a big pay-off:

1) something good to eat and 2) independence.

Mark your calendars for upcoming classes, all on Saturdays at Marty's Market:

July 19Sept 20Nov 15.

Space limited to 8 kids (age 8 - 15) and adults.

Go to http://martysmarket.com/events-2/ to register. Class cost is $10/person.
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