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Teach It Forward: Teach a Community to Cook Classes at Marty's Market


Learn to teach a kid to cook or come to learn to cook yourself--these classes are open to adults and kids (ages 8 - 15) who want to learn to cook.  Slow Food classes at Marty's Market in the Strip District.


SFP members Rosemarie Perla and Kelsey Weisgerber are passionate about "cooking it forward," teaching the next generation to cook good, clean and fairly produced food.


 Next Class is September 28, 2013 12 noon - 3pm


How else can you get involved?

• Find kids or adults in need of food education

• Go to the Guidlines page to find simple step-by-step guidelines on how to teach cooking skills in small groups

• Let us know how you are doing have any questions, go to to post photos, ask questions and share how your TAKC class went

• Stay connected to youth, explore their food goals, and introduce them to food resources in their community

 “We may be witnessing the first generation in history that has not been required to participate in that primal rite of socialization, the family meal.  The family meal is not only the core curriculum in the school of civil discourse; it is also a set of protocols that curb our natural savagery and our animal greed, and cultivate a capacity for sharing and thoughtfulness.

Dinner rituals have nothing to do with class, or working women’s busy lives, or any particular family structure.  I’ve had dinners of boiled potatoes with families in Siberia, suppers of deli cold cuts with single welfare mothers in Chicago, bowls of watery gruel in the Sahara—all made memorable by the grace with which they were offered and by the sight of youngsters learning through experience the art of human companionship.  However, all ritual involve, to some degree, a sacrifice, and the home meal requires genuine sacrifices of time and energy, large expenditures of those very traits it nurtures—patience, compassion, self-discipline.’

                  ---Francine du Plessix Gray, from an essay entitled, “Starving Children”


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